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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Writings: SET FREE

(Though often depressed, I had good days too.  Slowly I began to reject the draconian view the church held about homosexuality --- though I remained a virgin until 28 --- my spirit was beginning to embrace the idea that I was "ok" just the way I am --- gay!  I was about 15 or 16 when I wrote this poem)

Their Songs Rang Louder In Time
But I Made a Sound And I Made It Mine
So I Set My Sails
And I Set ‘Em High
I Spread My Wings
And I Spread ‘Em Wide
I Sang My Song
And I Sought My Dreams
And I Reached For The Son
On Crystal Beams
And When By Chance
I Should Fall
I Stood Again
And I Stand Real Tall
For I Seek All I Can Be
And I Know What I Am
But My Dreams Will Sail The North Winds
Before The Winter Can...
So Don’t Curse Life
For The Ups And Downs
The Highs And Lows
The Leaps And bounds
Just Open Your Eyes
And You Shall  See
A Lesson Learned
Is A Spirit Set Free

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